Resourcing at Quick Intelligence 

Whether you are looking for talent or have talent and are looking for something new, you are in the right place. We connect the right people to the right companies in the right roles.

Looking for Talent?

The IT Staffing Division at QI is focused on helping you make intelligent decisions for your business. We work hard to truly understand the needs of your organization and bring quality resources to your attention. We specialize in IT roles and leverage our internal subject matter experts to assist in screening to save time and money for you.

We can work with your HR Department to fill the gaps in your IT Department or we can work directly with those who need the resources. We will work with you to fully understand the role you are looking to fill. We will keep your company information confidential and spend plenty of time screening potential candidates before we present them to you. We want to spend time getting to know you and your organization so we can find the best candidates to meet your needs.

Reach out. Let us help you find that perfect resource. Whether you need permanent help or skills for a specific project, we can help! Let's chat!

Looking for a New Challenge?

Are you an IT Professional? Are you looking for a new challenge?

We work with individuals who prefer consulting roles as well as those who are looking for something more permanent.

Go ahead. Send us your info. Tell us what you are interested in. We would love to add you to our roster. You never know what opportunities we may find for you. We will never try to squeeze you into a role or a company that isn’t the right fit. We value your feedback. We will provide you with resume and interview tips as well as advice. We make sure you have all the information so you will be well prepared to explore the options for your new challenge. Let's Chat!

Career Opportunities

Look at some of the exciting challenges we are looking to fill today. Click Here!

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Primary Security Partners

QI partners with all of the industry-leading security providers. Some of those include: