A new, comprehensive way to display and track compliance requirements.


Your organization has a growing set of compliance requirements. Uzado is a visual tool that allows you to manage these requirements. You can take existing standards or create your own, and then design tasks, controls, and workflows to keep you on track. 

Compliance policies are put in place to protect your organization and secure the valuable data that you store. The difficulty is that as more policies and regulations are added, the costs to manage them also grows. Uzado is a tool that can reduce the time and staff required to enforce policies.

Manage frameworks and workflows

There are government compliance requirements that cover just about every industry, including HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and others. Organizations add their own internal policies designed to protect the company, its employees, and their customers.

These are all frameworks that need to be managed and enforced. This can be expensive and time-consuming. Uzado takes an automated, visual workflow approach. These workflows walk from vulnerability identification through full remediation.

Enforceable and flexible

Uzado takes the position that while it is important to ensure that policies are enforced, there needs to be flexibility in real-world application. There are some crucial steps throughout remediation that must be completed before moving on in the process. There can also be optional tasks that for some reason cannot be completed at that time. This flexibility ensures that the remediation effort does not stall.

Visual processes

People are visual. It can be difficult to understand the scope of a problem by simply looking at a list of written-out tasks. By moving those tasks into a visual workflow, you are able to see where you are in the process. You also have visibility into problems or where the processes are breaking down so you have an opportunity to address them.


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