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Qi Video: Terry Swaren on Hybrid Storage using Cloudian

Amazon web services can be addictive. It's easy to start with some applications development work, move on to running prototypes and then find your company in a situation where large production applications are running on Amazon. Costs can quickly spiral out of control, especially if data is flowing between Amazon and your own datacentre. It's also easy to end up in a situation where inappropriate data (e.g. sensitive information or archival data) is sitting out on the cloud.

Cloudian S3 object storage, a software-defined or appliance-based solution solves this problem by allowing you to migrate Amazon S3 storage from the cloud into your on-premises infrastructure or to other cloud providers (e.g. Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform). Cloudian's storage is suitable for a wide number of applications, including big data, Internet of Things, data protection, media and entertainment, and data life-cycle management. Migrating S3 storage from Amazon Web Services to Cloudian storage allows you to drastically reduce costs and increase data security by running data intensive applications in-house.