Featured Solutions

Looking to move to software-defined infrastructure? Need to cope with huge and growing amounts of data? We track technologies from many vendors and, from time to time, feature solutions that we think are relevant to our clients. Here are three top solutions for 2019 and beyond:

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HPe Synergy

HPE’s take on software-designed infrastructure is called Composable Infrastructure and is intended to help organizations transform their IT function into one that is cutting‐edge and business friendly. The goal is to infuse the IT architecture with the ability to enable business agility, flexibility, and speed.

HPE Synergy, the first platform built from the ground up for Composable Infrastructure, is a single infrastructure that reduces operational complexity for traditional workloads and increases operational velocity for the new breed of applications and services. Download the introductory guide here.


Hitachi Pentaho

If you only associate Hitachi with disk storage, think again. Hitachi now sells one of the most exciting high volume data analytics engines available. Pentaho products are a comprehensive software platform used to access, integrate, manipulate, visualize, and analyze your data. Whether data is stored in a flat file, relational database, Hadoop cluster, NoSQL database, analytic database, social media streams, operational stores, or in the cloud, Pentaho products can help you discover, analyze, and visualize data to find the answers you need -- even if you have no coding experience. Advanced users with programming experience can use an extensive API to customize reports, queries, transformations to extend functionality. For more information on Pentaho, press here.



Nutanix enables IT teams to build and operate powerful multi-cloud architectures. Their Enterprise Cloud OS software melds private, public and distributed cloud operating environments and provides a single point of control to manage IT infrastructure and applications at any scale.

Nutanix solutions are 100% software-based, and are built on the industry’s most popular hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology, delivering a full infrastructure stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking and security to power any application, at any scale. For more information, press here.