Introduction to Qi’s Solutions & Services

Advisory services

With Quick Intelligence, you’ll get unbiased, consultative help to solve your technology problems. Although we have many partner relationships, we see ourselves as problem solvers first and foremost and will help you select the right technology for your needs. We help CIOs and technology leaders solve a wide range of problems, including systems architecture, datacentre technology choices, data security, and data management.

Datacenter systems

It used to be that you carefully built your infrastructure by choosing each component to work together. Today, Converged and hyper-converged systems are bringing those elements closer together. At the same time, some workloads are moving off-site to the many cloud options.

We work to understand where your business is today and where it is going into the future. Qi has the people, the tools and the partners to help you select the right technologies and build an internal, cloud or hybrid environment that meets the needs of your business.

Data management

Data is the heart of the enterprise and can enable your company become agile and adapt to changes in its environment. Quick Intelligence can assist with a complete range of data management solutions, including data architecture, data quality, data security, meta-data management, data back-up and recovery and data analytics. We feature the Hitachi Pentaho suite of data analytics products.

data security

Data Security We offer security consulting, security as a service, DR as a service and breach management as a service. We also sell appliances by Fortigate and other vendors.