Security as a Service - Insight not Hindsight

Qi’s SOC (Security Operations Center) delivers Managed Security Services to customers who seek solutions to security dilemmas. We are equipped with subject-matter experts that specialize in specific security technologies, who monitor and alert customers when needed. We manage multiple technologies for multiple services and provide monthly reports highlighting key performance indicators. Whether you need a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) or have one in use, we will tailor the managed service to your needs.


Qi focuses on the complete life-cycle

We focus on managing the complete security life-cycle, avoiding issues proactively rather than responding to breaches. It starts with planning where we work with you to evaluate your maturity and desired compliance profile and map out a plan to reach the right maturity level for your organization. We move on to implementation, where we work with you to activate our services and bring your internal processes up to the right level. Once you reach the desired maturity level, we continue to manage your day-to-day security processes to ensure that you meet your security and compliance targets. On an periodic basis, we validate each of your security capabilities to ensure that we maintain your maturity level and deal with new threats as they emerge.


Our security services catalog

We customize our approach to fit your needs and complement the skills of your internal staff. We have a number of security services that we can provide including:

  • Log / SIEM Management.

  • IDS / IPS / HIDS Management.

  • File Integrity Monitoring.

  • Patch Management.

  • Vulnerability Scanning.

  • PCI Scanning.

  • Firewall Management.

  • Compliance Management.

  • Breach Readiness as a Service (BRaaS).

  • Dark Web Finder.


Insights and reporting

Qi's insights calculate your progress in attaining specific goals - either goals that are determined by the organization or goals that are set out by specific compliance standards. The measurement of the goals is then calculated using the same metrics throughout our report. Not only is your organization scored against its own set of goals, but is also measured against an average industry score. This provides additional insight into the effectiveness of your company's practices against other industry players'.