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IBM and Qi present Danny Pehar on Breach Readiness

PIPEDA Security Regulations Changed on November 1st

  •  Organizations required to notify individuals, and report to the Commissioner, all breaches that create a "real risk of significant harm to the individual"

  • Organizations must keep and maintain a record of every breach of safeguards involving personal information

 Are you ready?

  •  Do you have a breach identification process in place? Do you have a process to identify breaches that require reporting?

  • Do you have a breach tracking and recording system in place?

  • Do you have a breach communication plan in place?

 Come Hear Security Expert Danny Pehar

 If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, please join Quick Intelligence at “location xxx” on November 22nd as an industry leading Security Specialist, Danny Pehar, walks though the changes to the legislation and describes how you can quickly comply with the new privacy regulations. Danny Pehar has been in the cyber security industry for more than 15 years, developing multimillion-dollar cyber security projects across North America. Danny has redefined the cyber security industry by changing the way it’s explained and understood through his one-of-a-kind speaking style. Danny is a bestselling author and uses his own Executive Storytelling Formula to successfully instruct organizations on how to maximize revenue and reducing risk by understanding cyber security. Danny has spoken on the topic of cyber security to multiple industries and has worked with organizations such as AON, Microsoft, TD Bank, and Zayo. He is President & Co-Founder of Cyber Insurance Education.