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An IT solution provider and value added reseller built on intelligence.

About Us

Anyone can provide you with a server. We can too. However, our organization is built on assisting our customers make the intelligent technology choices. Technology should enable your organization to succeed, and security and compliance should be at the heart of every implementation. 

Quick Intelligence (QI) is an international solution provider serving North America. We have built our organization on providing infrastructure solutions that enable customers to maximize their investment in technology.


We know that our customers implement technology to achieve their business goals. That is why we start with an understanding of what you would like to accomplish. Whether it is to be more agile to be more competitive or to leverage new technologies like big data to make quicker, more informed business decisions, we can help you get there.

At QI, we bring our experience to every engagement and technology transaction. We go beyond the daily tasks required to maintain the existing systems. We offer suggestions that can help your IT department focus on the strategic needs of your organization.

Security and compliance

At our heart, we are security and compliance experts. We realize that security is no longer an afterthought. Technology decisions need to factor in security before they are implemented, not after.

QI has built our security and compliance processes and procedures based on best-of-breed practices. We can work with your team so that you can take advantage of those same practices in-house. Our goal is to make sure your systems are secure and that you have the ability to maintain compliance with minimal time and effort required by your team.


We work with hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of products. No matter which challenge you are trying to address, we have a solution. Along with that solution is the expertise to guarantee a successful implementation.

Our core go-to-market partners have been recognized for providing industry-leading solutions. Our team is fully trained and certified on those technologies.

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