Who We Are


The Quick Intelligence Difference

Quick Intelligence is a leading North American IT solutions and Data Management firm focused on Infrastructure, Cloud, and Security. We deliver this technology expertise through our full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services including strategy, consulting, implementation and design.

Our approach is to partner at a deep level and attain trusted advisor status to understand how our clients define success. We help them harness technology advances, simplify IT complexity and optimize their environments today while enabling future applications, user experiences, and revenue models.

Our Core Values
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Diversity is arguably one of the most important core values for technology companies. At Quick Intelligence we hold diversity as our highest priority. Diversity expands beyond an employee’s ethnic background. A diverse culture creates communities that celebrate differences. For this reason, we believe that leading technology companies should encourage their employees to celebrate their unique qualities.

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Commitment To Clients

When a company represents a business of all shapes and sizes, commitment to each client is essential to success. Quick Intelligence is a technology-based company that treats all clients as high profile ones. Commitment to clients is one of Quick Intelligence's core values because it establishes trust and encourages employees to go above and beyond no matter what.

quick-intelligence-vector-assets_Company Page Integrity


Trust amongst employees and customers is essential to a company’s success. The tech industry is saturated with confidential information. Great technology companies must do business with integrity to gain their customers respect and trust.

quick-intelligence-vector-assets_Company Page Continous Learning

Continuous Learning

The field of technology is ever-changing. Companies must be aware of the changes and growth that occur in their field. A core value for Quick Intelligence is the value of continuous learning. Without updated data, experimentation and innovation, technology companies can easily fall behind.

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