Data Management for PCI

Reduce scope, reduce cost, reduce complexity

The Problem

PCI Compliance audits are mandatory for all organizations that “store, process or transmit” payment card information. This audit requires companies to adhere to 251 requirements across twelve different sections of the PCI data security standard. The audit is disruptive and can have negative repercussions.

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Non-Compliance Can Hurt Your Business

Non-compliance can lead to data breaches, which can have serious consequences for your business, including privacy and regulatory penalties, damage to your reputation and significant direct costs to compensate affected customers. Non-compliance can also lead to the termination of an organization's ability to accept payment cards.

Don't Suffer the Consequences of a PCI Breach!
Quick Intelligence and Datex Delivers
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Remove All Payment Card Information

Because that environment no longer has a Cardholder Data Environment (CDE), it is no longer part of the PCI Compliance audit.

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Get Certified

Customers utilizing DataStealth for PCI Compliance scope reduction can provide Datex PCI Compliance Service Provider Level 1 Attestation of Compliance (AOC) to their Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) as evidence. It’s that simple!

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Plug-and-Play for Immediate Deployment

DataStealth by Datex provides significant audit scope reduction and enables companies to say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming audits. With DataStealth, PCI compliance audit scope is reduced by up to 95%, and companies will achieve an immediate return on their investment.

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The Return on Investment

With Quick Intelligence your business can significantly reduce scope  for PCI Compliance audits, increase security for payment card data and reduce the risk of theft of payment card data for your customers,

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