Manage your Data not your Datacentre

Quick Intelligence's risk based approach ensures an effective data management strategy that results in both ROI and profitability.

Intelligent Data Management that Allows you to


Our Data Analysis process determines the requirements of your data to provide a cost-effective program that will store, backup, and recover based on criticality and cost.



We take a risk based approach and unlike more traditional security counter measures, we protect the data itself.



Security and Compliance can put significant limitations on using Big Data. We can unleash the full potential of your Data Warehouse

Discover our 'Outcome as a Service' model

Our entire suite of services has been designed to allow you to get more Information and require less Technology from your data center. We can help you increase revenue and decrease risk.


Struggling with new Compliance requirements?

You are under pressure to ensure that your data systems, business processes and corporate policies remain compliant with regulatory agencies. We bring the right tools and procedures to enable your organization to meet all requirements.

Our Solutions



Learn how Quick Intelligence works with your organization to develop a cloud strategy that allows you to scale efficiently and securely

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An explosion of devices, connections and data combined with increasingly mature and sophisticated threats has created a digital environment more at risk than ever

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Data Center


Quick Intelligence Infrastructure practice makes traditional IT more effective and provides a road map for future innovation

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Our Services

Breach Readiness as a Service

If you’ve ever thought “I don’t have information that anyone would want.” Or “I’m too small to be a target for a cyber-attack,” think again. This ‘reactive’ response to cyber security is backwards thinking, and can have serious consequences for your organization.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

The advent of cloud computing presents an opportunity to dramatically reduce the costs and improve the effectiveness of disaster preparation and recovery. If any of these situations apply to you, call us about Disaster Recovery as a Service.

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Security as a Service

Quick Intelligence's Security Operations Center (SOC) delivers solutions to security dilemmas through our Managed Security Services. Our subject-matter experts specialize in specific security technologies that monitor and alert customers when needed.

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quick-intelligence-home-page-services-data-protection_Data Protection

Data Protection as a Service

Non-compliance to regulatory laws can lead to data breaches, privacy and regulatory penalties, damage to your reputation and significant direct costs. Our solution offers significant scope and cost reduction for compliance audits, increased security and reduced risk 

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