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Advisory Services

We help CIOs and technology leaders with systems architecture, data-centre technology choices, data security, and data management.

Data Security: we offer security consulting, security as a service, DR as a service and breach management as a service.


Data Security

We offer security consulting, security as a service. DR as a service and breach management as a service


Datacenter Solutions

Qi sells state-of-the-art solutions, including enterprise storage and hyper-converged systems.


Data Management

Qi delivers data management solutions, ranging from data architecture to big data analytics


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Quick Intelligence Video: Candace Ramirez on Hybrid Storage using Pure Storage

Many of our client's have been mandated to adopt a "cloud first" strategy. One of the biggest challenges is the difference between cloud storage APIs and traditional on-prem storage. You may have to re-write parts of your application or leave some of it behind. If you choose the latter, you end up with killer ingress and egress charges. 

One of our partners, Pure Storage, has come up with an innovative hybrid cloud strategy that allows legacy apps to access cloud storage through the same API that is used for on-prem storage. You also get the benefit of Pure Storage's data de-duplication and compression algorithms to reduce your cloud footprint and save money in ingress/egress charges. 



Quick Intelligence Business Brief - DataStealth

At Quick Intelligence, we are always looking for great new products for our customers. Recently, we have added DataStealth to our product mix and feel that it’s an important new tool to combat hackers and bolster data security. This new product fits several common use cases:

  • PCI Compliance

  • Obfuscation of sensitive data in test files and databases

  • Elimination of sensitive data in unstructured data (e.g. in incoming and outgoing email traffic)

  • Tokenization of sensitive data when in motion

  • Compliance with GDPR

DataStealth is a data protection platform that applies data protection policies to network traffic in real-time, on the fly.

From a technical perspective, DataStealth inspects network traffic at the packet level, extracts data that matches your Data Protection Policy, replaces the extracted data with substitutes to be sent downstream, and secures the original data using a unique secure storage methodology.

From a business perspective, DataStealth takes your organizations privacy, compliance, governance and regulatory requirements, and combines them with tokenization, anonymization and encryption technologies to create a Data Protection Policy, which is then applied to all network traffic passing through DataStealth.

The original data elements can be restored at any point in the future, but only for authorized users, and for authorized use cases.

The real data isn't transmitted or stored downstream of DataStealth. In the event of a network breach, there is no sensitive data for an intruder to steal. 

Quick Intelligence Video: David Millier on Breach Readiness

New Canadian privacy breach notification rules, similar to European rules, came into force on November 1, 2018


  • Do you have a breach identification process in place?

  • Do you have a breach tracking and recording system in place?

  • Do you have a breach communication plan in place?


Quick Intelligence Business Brief

Hitachi announces Pentaho 8.2

Hitachi Vantara has announced Pentaho 8.2, the newest release of the company's data integration and analytics platform software.

According to Qi customer Andrew Buffone, director of data management at Carfax Canada: "With Pentaho 8.2 and Hitachi Content Platform, we're able to leverage both structured and unstructured data on a single platform to send cleansed, prepared data to AWS and Microsoft Azure, and will achieve a 20-30% compute cost reduction and a 50%-60% storage cost reduction as a result"

Pentaho 8.2 has some exciting new features:

  •  Integration of Unstructured Data: With Pentaho's new integration with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), users can now build data pipelines that include structured and unstructured data sources - such as text, video, audio, images, social media, clickstreams and log files.

  • Easier Hybrid Cloud Data Management: Users can now onboard data into Hitachi Content Platform, which functions as a data lake. Then they can use Pentaho to prepare, cleanse and normalize data within HCP.  Pentaho may then be used to make the logical determination of which prepared data is appropriate for each external cloud target. By reducing unnecessary data sent to the cloud, organizations can now better manage costs with Pentaho 8.2.

  • Expanded Analytics Ecosystem Support: Pentaho 8.2 expands support for its growing ecosystem of third-party products and technologies, including support for AMQP messaging protocol, support for customer managed encryption keys (CMEK),  better integration with Python and API calls, and support for open source OpenJDK.

HPE Partnering with Google??

HPE Partnering with Nutanix???

What in the world is going on? According to Phil Davis, HPE’s President of Hybrid IT and Chief Sales Officer, “HPE and Google Cloud have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver hybrid cloud solutions that accelerate innovation and expand choice and agility for customers.  The partnership will provide customers with a consistent experience across public cloud and on premises environments.”

Not only that, but Phil also announces: “we are partnering with Nutanix to deliver an integrated hybrid cloud as-a-service solution. The offer -- which leverages Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS delivered through the HPE GreenLake as-a-service solution – will provide customers with a fully HPE-managed hybrid cloud.”

The word of the day is “coopetition”. Even though HPE is in the hyper-converged race with its Simplivity platform, it realizes that customers may choose Nutanix and still want HPE hardware to run it on. In the case of Google, its newly re-branded Anthos hybrid cloud solution makes perfect sense as a partner to GreenLake. This combined offering gives customers a great way to move from buying infrastructure to renting it, whether it’s in the cloud or on prem.

For more details on the two announcements, you can read Phil’s full blog here


The Qi Peace of Mind Data Life-cycle

At Qi, we practice a continuous life-cycle approach to protecting your data, whether we are helping you address data security, DR, data back-up or data quality.