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The rapidly changing technology landscape can yield massive benefits to your organization if applied correctly. They also present some unique challenges. We work to understand your organization so you can gain the benefits of technology while remaining secure and compliant.

Our approach to IT starts with learning about the specific needs of your organization, with an emphasis on reliability and security. We believe that technology should enable you to achieve more.


Determining what you want to accomplish can dictate how your infrastructure is designed. The basic building blocks are there: servers, storage, and network. Now that workloads are moving to the cloud, whether it be public, private, or hybrid, an additional level of complexity is added.

Choosing the right infrastructure can enable your business to be more agile and adaptive. The cloud allows you to scale quickly to take advantage of immediate business opportunities. If you need to roll out a project quickly, cloud resources can shorten the time-to-market by eliminating the process of procuring, deploying, and configuring servers and storage.

If your infrastructure is built with this new dynamic in mind, you can bring those applications back in-house with little effort.


A major consideration today is how your business is going to ensure that your systems are secure. Data and applications extend beyond the corporate firewall. Security is no longer a point product or an afterthought. It needs to be built into each system that enters your environment.

At QI, we have built a comprehensive security practice. We can help you audit your existing environment to identify vulnerabilities and develop a plan to remediate them. That knowledge is applied to your new system purchases so that you are not exposed to new vulnerabilities.


There are government regulations that affect just about every industry. HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GRC, and others have been put in place to push organizations to be more secure with their customers’ and their own data. Corporate policies governing systems like internet or WiFi usage are designed for the same reasons.

The difficulties come in the form of managing to those requirements. Not only can our team help you understand the full breadth of compliance requirements, they can also work with you to put in procedures and workflows that help you stay compliant.

Consulting based on your unique business

We understand that every organization is different. No matter how complex your business and technology needs are, we are confident that our team can help. Contact us today to discuss your business goals and how the right technology and processes can get you there.