Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

QI has the experience and tools to help you attain and maintain compliance


You have to remain compliant with government regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, or SOX. You also have corporate policies to enforce, which can include internet usage, wireless policy, and internal security. Managing risk and protecting privacy is at the heart of a compliant organization.

As your organization grows, you need to ensure that your systems and processes remain compliant. These government and corporate policies have been put in place to protect your organization and customers, as well as secure the data you hold.

Understand compliance requirements

Defining what is involved within a specific compliance requirement is the first step. Many of those requirements have interdependencies between systems and people. This can be difficult enough for an organization that does not have the internal resources available.

Managed Security Compliance Partner

The security and compliance experts at QI can help. We assist our customers in understanding compliance requirements. We can help you build a framework for optimal management. With this framework, steps and tasks are put into a workflow that stretches from identifying vulnerabilities through ensuring remediation.

We strive to learn about the dynamics of your organization. We then use that knowledge to design a vulnerability and remediation methodology that will work for you. We work side-by-side with your team to implement the right processes to help you remain compliant.

Utilizing the right tools

Once the compliance requirements of your organization are understood and defined, it takes effort to manage and enforce them. We utilize industry-leading tools to help reduce the time and costs involved.

As an example, Uzado is an IT service management (ITSM) tool that allows you to design visual workflows. This system can save time by defining specific tasks that need to be addressed through remediation.

Take control of your compliance requirements

The team at QI can help you fully understand your industry’s compliance requirements. We help you put the processes and tools in place to allow you to manage them. Contact us today to consult with the security and compliance experts at QI.


Strategic Compliance Partnerships

We work with best-in-class security and compliance partners to provide you with a comprehensive solution. Some of those partners include: