Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure technologies are evolving rapidly. IT needs to evolve with them.


There are more options than ever to consider when designing your infrastructure. We work to understand where your business is today and where it is going into the future. We help you build an environment accordingly that is secure and agile.

IT is always being asked to do more with less, and now you’re being asked to bring additional value to the business. Your systems need to be agile to meet the ever-changing needs of the organization. And above all, your applications and data have to be secure.

Unlimited ways to implement

It used to be that you carefully built your infrastructure by choosing each component to work together. You could carefully configure your environment for optimal performance, then only touch it to make small adjustments.

The primary building blocks to your infrastructure are still there. Servers, storage, network, and system management. However, many things have changed. Converged and hyper-converged systems are bringing those elements closer together. At the same time, some workloads are moving off-site to the many cloud options.

Built for agility

Systems need to be dynamic. Workloads can shift from server to server based on demand and capacity. They can spike to the cloud when necessary. With these changes occurring instantly, new tools are required to automate these tasks.

Automating daily tasks can also allow your IT department to focus on adding strategic value to the business. They are freed from routine maintenance to help business unit leaders take advantage of new technologies.

Based on security

Most importantly, these systems need to be secure. Data is no longer contained by the corporate firewall. Security needs to be a requirement when building and adding to your infrastructure. It is no longer an afterthought.

Going beyond securing data, government compliance regulations are intended to ensure that your company is protecting its customers and the corporate data that you have been entrusted with. Remaining compliant is an ongoing effort.

IT as a Service provider

As the shift toward cloud takes place, your IT team can transition to a service provider model, acting as a broker of internal and external services. With proper monitoring tools in place, you can bill back services to the business units and partners that consume them.

Helping you get there

QI has the people, experience, processes, tools, and partners to help your IT department evolve with the changing technology and the needs of your organization. We work with the industry’s leading manufacturers and vendors.


Some of our infrastructure partners include:

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