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Real-time ransomware protection.

Offsite and offline backups.

Cybersecurity user education.

Prove you're taking reasonable efforts to protect your business.

Included ransomware recovery insurance.

Everything you need to protect your business
from the bad guys

Our 3 Pillars of QuickProtect Foundations
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Our service provides immediate protection for small to mid-size businesses.

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We make your users a part off the solution using simulations and trainings.

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On-Demand Support

Our trained IT-support team is ready to help the moment you need assistance.


Our service is designed to provide immediate protection for small to mid-size businesses by addressing two immediate areas of concern:

1 Keeping bad things from happening on user’s machines

2 Creating a secure offsite and offline backup of each user’s machine and key servers

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Our services makes recovering from a cybersecurity incident a quick and relatively painless process; wouldn’t you rather be inconvenienced by having to restore some files or even a whole machine, rather than paying a ransom or worst-case losing your entire company’s information???

We include ransomware outbreak insurance at no additional charge. If you have an outbreak, our service includes up to $25,000.00 in recovery consulting assistance, once/calendar year.

We also provide real-time monitoring of the Dark Web, looking for any indicators that your user’s information has been stolen and is actively available to be sold or traded.


Your users are your company’s most important asset: unfortunately with online access, they are also your biggest weakness. To help make your users part of the solution, rather than the problem, QuickProtect includes:

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  • Web-based User Awareness training, including short but meaningful videos, along with periodic quizzes to ensure they understand what they’ve seen

  • Periodic (typically monthly or quarterly) phishing simulations, helping confirm that your users are being diligent and reminding them of the real dangers that exist when they forget

QuickProtect also includes a mapping of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to a list of controls, along with supporting documentation and recommendations that any business can follow to help reduce their risks.

On-Demand Support

Each QuickProtect service is designed to generate alerts and notifications, which are sent directly to the appropriate person at your company. If they find they need additional assistance, our service includes:

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24/7/365 IT Support on-demand (Only pay if you need it, charged in 15 minute increments, invoiced monthly)
24/7/365 Cybersecurity Support on-demand (only pay if you need it, charged in 15 minute increments, invoiced monthly)
24/7/365 On-Demand Incident Response Assistance (minimum engagement fees apply)
Add Ons

3rd Party Vendor Risk Management Services, dashboards, document and controls tracking

Fully Managed 24/7/365 Cybersecurity Services, including Managed SIEM, Managed NTA (Network Traffic Analysis), XDR (any device Detection & Response). Support for monitoring Office365 and GSuite included.

Get QuickProtect Foundations Today

QuickProtect Foundations Includes:

1- EndPoint Protection (Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware / Anti-Ransomware for HOME and OFFICE)
- also includes patch management and vulnerability scanning (Windows hosts only)

2- Backup offline and offsite with optional Offsite Disaster Recovery

3- Compliance Overview (NIST Cybersecurity Framework included, others available)

4- Dark Web Monitoring

5- Security Awareness Training & Phishing Exercises

6- Ransomware Recovery Insurance (up to $25,000

7- URL Filtering to block malicious activity

8- Threat Alerting direct to you, built-in Ticketing

9- Quick Protect Dashboard*

10- Security Translation As A Service (on-demand Cybersecurity assistance and knowledge transfer)

* Coming Summer 2021

Ready to Get Started with QuickProtect?

If you’d like to learn more about the QuickProtect service and how it can help YOUR company, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you right away. You can also email your questions directly to info@quickprotect.com