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Are Password Managers a Benefit to Your Organization?

Password-Management-SoftwareYou may have heard about password managers as a way to build and store strong passwords. They are easy to use, as you only need to remember one password to access the database of all your passwords. These days, with multiple accounts used for email, social media, online shopping, and banking, you want to keep all your passwords safe and secure.

The benefits to using a password manager include:

  1. Having to remember only one password
  2. They usually include random password generators which are difficult to guess
  3. Password managers are encrypted

One question that does come up as a concern is “are password managers safe to use?” After all, having all your passwords stored in a single location would be very tempting to a hacker to try and steal. As a result, there are some best practices when it comes to choosing and using a password manager.

  1. Look for a Password Manager with Encryption

Most password managers use encryption to keep your stored passwords safe. When looking for a password manager, use one that uses AES 256-bit encryption. It is the industry standard that is also used by the military.

  1. Use biometrics or multifactor authentication with your password manager

Look for a password manager that gives you the option to use multifactor authentication or biometrics along with your password. This way, if someone is able to steal your master password, they now need another factor to get in. This will make your password manager more secure.

  1. Look for a password manager with additional security features

Some password managers, in addition to suggesting random difficult passwords, can also let you know if any of your passwords are too weak or if they have already been breached. This is a really nice to have feature as it will let you know to change your password.

  1. Ensure you use a strong password to login to your password manager

This password must be protected at all costs, as it really is the “key to the kingdom.” You want to ensure this password is strong so that it can’t be “brute forced” easily. Also, as mentioned in point 2, use multifactor authentication or biometrics along with this just in case your password is compromised.

Password managers truly are a benefit to your organization when used following the above best practices. They can help your company mitigate the threats from weak or stolen passwords. To learn more about cyber security, visit our QuickProtect Learning Centre.

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