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If Your Small Business isn’t Investing in Cyber Security, You’re in Danger of Losing Your Money

You’ve seen some of the headlines regarding big cyber security breaches. Colonial Pipeline paid a huge ransom to get their data back and get the gas flowing again. JBS Meat also suffered an attack that shut down production for days.

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How Are My Employees a Risk To Our Cyber Security

Most business owners know they need to be protected from outside threats, but did you know you’re your employees could also be a threat? So how are your employees a risk? Is there anything you can do to mitigate that risk?

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Why you Need to Create a Positive Cyber Security Environment

You may have heard about companies who take to shaming employees who have unintentionally caused a cyber incident at work. While it’s true that all it takes is one wrong click by a staff member, shaming staff isn’t the way to better cyber security.

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Are Businesses Losing the War Against Phishing Attacks?

What are phishing attacks? Phishing attacks are a social engineering method to either fraudulently obtain your information or to trick you into downloading malware. The goal of the phisher is to compromise your network or data. Phishing attacks work because they disguise their communication or web pages as being from a trusted source, making you believe the request is real and prompting you to take an action like clicking on a bad link or giving up information.

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