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Why Your Organization Needs to Build a Cyber Security Culture

Hand with marker writing the word CultureMany companies approach cyber security simply by using tools and technology to protect their networks. While this is an important step, it is also important to build a culture of cyber security.

Building a culture of cyber security is important because it is people, and not technology, who are ultimately responsible for protecting your business. Tools alone can’t stop people from clicking on a phishing email.

When it comes to cyber security, the human element is considered the weakest link. You can strengthen that link by employing a culture of cyber security in your organization. While changing company culture can take time, here are 4 things you can do to build a culture of cyber security in your organization.

  1. Appoint a “Culture Owner”

Even though it may seem odd, the goal here is to change behaviour, and drive values, attitudes, and beliefs about cyber security. One way to drive this change is by beginning each staff meeting with a cyber security story that either recounts a personal experience or discusses relevant, newsworthy incidents. Other ways to do this include creating engaging campaigns and fun training programs to drive discussion among employees.

  1. Communicate in a way that resonates

To help foster change, you need to communicate with staff in ways that they will understand. If you use tech jargon with non-technical staff, they will quickly tune out your message. Employees need to understand the value of the data and why it needs protecting, rather than the technical components of a cyber security system. Using varied communication methods, such as videos, posters, and events can also help make your message resonate with your staff.

  1. Integrate cyber security into formal employee evaluations

The formal evaluation of cyber security behaviours provides employees with a clear understanding of their responsibilities. By tying rewards and consequences together, organizations stand the best chance of driving behaviour and culture change. When an employee fails a phishing exercise too often, it should be recorded in their performance review. Similarly, employees should be recognized when they go beyond their position to help their colleagues understand the importance of fostering a strong culture of cyber security and data security.

  1. Use “Fire Drills” to Simulate What to do in the Event of a Breach

Tabletop exercises for cyber security are like fire drills. Just like you need to have a plan on how to exit a building during a fire, you need to have a plan to deal with a cyber-attack. Talking out scenarios and true-to-life simulations are all helpful to the staff so that they know what to do in the event of a real-life cyber security breach.

Following the above four steps will not only help foster a culture of cyber security in your organization but can help improve your cyber security posture. Visit Quick Intelligence to learn more about cyber security.  

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