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Giant Tiger's Customer Data was Compromised in a Third-Party Breach. Here are 5 Tips for Businesses to Minimize Their Risk

Over the weekend, Giant Tiger disclosed their discovery of a breach involving a third-party vendor responsible for handling their customer communication. The contact details of some Giant Tiger customers were affected by this breach, however, no payment information or passwords were exposed.

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The Crucial Role of Incident Response Planning in Safeguarding Infrastructure

Organizations face an ever-increasing risk of cyber attacks on their critical infrastructure. These attacks not only disrupt operations but can also result in significant financial losses and damage to reputation. With this growing threat landscape, having a robust incident response plan in place is no longer an option: it's a necessity.

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The Rising Threat: Cyber-Attacks Targeting Canadian Cities and Towns

The Town of Huntsville announced on March 11, 2024, that they had suffered a cyber breach. While municipal offices are open, they have requested that the public call ahead to confirm whether their request can be serviced.

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Breaking Down the Key Changes in NIST 2.0 for Better Cybersecurity

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework was updated last week. This is the first major update to the framework since it was first introduced in 2014. The framework has helped organizations by providing them with guidance on understanding, evaluating, and communicating cybersecurity risks.

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