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Should My Business Handle its Cyber Security on its own, or Should I get Help?

Cyber Security Concept. The Word of Red Color Located over Text of White Color.Many business owners, especially of SMBs, take to the wearing of many hats to grow a successful business. They feel they need to do it all themselves. But is this true about cyber security? Can you do it all on your own? Should you do it all on your own?

Cyber security protection really is a team sport. It requires people with some specialized knowledge and experience to help ensure your organization stays protected. You have some options as to how you build your team.

  • Hire an internal resource with the requisite experience.
  • Decide on a service provided by an outsourced IT support provider.
  • Turn to a specialized MSSP, a Managed Security Services Provider, someone who focuses primarily on security 24x7 and is always there to act on your behalf.

You can use any of these options, or a combination of all 3. Neither of these options is wrong, however, you do need to make sure someone is responsible for cyber security. It could be someone you hire, or it could still be someone outsourced from an IT firm or an MSSP. If you don’t have someone nominated to run cyber security, it could make responding to an attack difficult and in some cases, impossible to detect when you have been attacked in the first place.

As an SMB, you may feel that cyber security is too much of a burden to bear. But the costs of doing nothing about your cyber security outweigh the cost of a cyber solution. Help is available. QuickProtect is a cyber security firm dedicated to protecting SMBs with transparent, all in one, cyber security solutions. To learn more about our service packages, visit https://quickprotect.com/services.

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