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What is a Defence-in-Depth Strategy?

White digital padlock over circuit board groundDefence-in-depth is what cybersecurity experts refer to as a complete strategy of securing your network environment. It involves detecting threats and protecting network endpoints. The question does arise, do you need a defence-in-depth strategy? Can a business rely on detection versus protection?

A cybersecurity detection method involves monitoring the network regularly to detect any anomalies in traffic or behaviour. This will enable us to predict a potential attack. Detecting an anomaly before it becomes a problem gives you the chance to address it rather than dealing with the aftermath of a cyber breach. Early detection of a problem allows you to shut things down or block bad connections before someone is successful at compromising your network or systems.

When it comes to cyber protection, the goal is to keep your systems, data, and network safe by ensuring intruders, malware and other cyber threats are kept out. Firewalls and anti-malware software are just some of the tools that can be used to protect your network. Protecting your systems ideally prevents something bad from happening, and it can be accomplished with or without early detection.

It would be ideal if every business used a defence-in-depth approach to cybersecurity and integrated detection and protection into its cybersecurity plan. For some small businesses that may not be able to afford both, the question becomes, “should I prioritize detection or protection?” As a small business, if you can’t afford to do both, invest heavily in protection first. Investing in protection first is a good foundation from which to eventually build out a fully in-depth cybersecurity solution. Ideally, your protection solution will also have some detection and response capabilities built-in!

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